Additional guarantee

1. Extent of the additional guarantee

This additional guarantee grants Plexcom to his direct contracting partners, not their customer or end customer if this, in addition, was acquired.
Plexcom guarantees his direct customer for the run time of the acquired additional guarantee by the purchase of a new device that the product is freely from errors, damage to the material and processing damages.
The additional guarantee applies after the extent to repair or spare delivery (e.g., succession model, equivalent device of another manufacturer) of an article after judgement of Plexcom. If guarantee capacities miss, is Plexcom the guarantee with the allowance entitles to finish of the current value of the article. A right on resignation of the bill of sale closed with the shop assistant or decrease is not granted to the customer according to this additional guarantee.
With acquisition of the additional guarantee a guarantee of 36 or 60 months is granted to the suitable articles. The period begins with the datum of the article acquisition through the customer. The customer must keep for the assertion of rights from this contract the purchase document with datum of the acquisition and present by request. In the Internet by completion of the contract provided information do not replace this

2. Software

For software the additional guarantee applies merely to the new delivery of a defective data carrier. Further claims towards Plexcom are excluded.

3. Exclusion

It is pointed out to the fact that for products, possibly the wearing parts whose normally presumed calendar life lies under the legally regulated guarantee term guarantee claims cannot be recognised within the whole warranty term.
Are excluded from the additional guarantee: Batteries, batteries, as well as consumption means as for example toner ink cartridges, cartouches, luminous means.
Free additions and envelopes are not defeated by the additional guarantee.
The additional guarantee applies only to such faults which originate from the normal use of the product.

No guarantee claims exist for article, with those:
3.1. by misappropriated use, nonobservance of user considerations in the user's instructions together delivered with the product and, or by other abusive use of the product, possibly the company of the contract goods together with such devices or programmes whose compatibility Plexcom has not accepted expressly in writing
3.2. no standard number is recognizable.
3.3. by
- Change of the product,
- by repair attempts of third, i.e. not from Plexcom or from Plexcom of named service partners,
- by improper transport or improper envelope with return of the product in Plexcom (packages about the pecking Up service are fetched, are insured exclusively against loss.)
- were damaged by improper installation of products of third providers or became function-incapable.
- Damages have originated which are to be led back on account of external effects or on the failure of an other installed product.

In the case of the assertion of an unjustified guarantee case according to this contract which arises as such in particular from spreading the guarantee time, the non-authorisation of the claim plate or the non-presentation of a guarantee case Plexcom is to be raised entitled for his activity or the repair remuneration for time and materials. The remuneration is raised by height of the Plexcom standard fees for service. (Hourly set the started working hour 40. - Euro)
The compensation claims which originate from a possible defective delivery or the not proper realisation of an other capacity of Plexcom, possibly in connection with the winding up of guarantee or guarantee repair are expressly excluded. In particular every liability for data loss and escaped profit of the contracting partner.
For the assertion of the additional guarantee you get in touch please with us. Use for it the function RMA which you in your customer centre find.

State April, 2011